Vinca- Periwinkle

Small evergreen shrubs with dense foliage and attractive blue flowers.


Vinca minor, in particular, makes excellent ground-cover, perhaps a little dull but very strong growing; in a shady site few flowers are produced. Vinca major develops much longer shoots, which may be left to trail down a wall. Not entirely winter-hardy.


Any standard garden soil.


By division and from cuttings.

Vinca major: Height 20-30 cm, but the shoots are at least 1 m long; pale-blue flowers in reasonable abundance throughout spring and early summer. The white-edged form ‘Variegata’ is the most attractive. Vinca minor: Height 20-30 cm, erect habit; flowers sparingly from mid spring to early autumn, their colour being blue; small, leathery leaves. There are a number of cultivars, for instance ‘Bowies’, which flowers more profusely; ‘Alba’, with white flowers, and ‘Rubra’, which has pink flowers.

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