Vinca rosea

Madagascar Periwinkle is native to the region stretching (syn. Caiharanthus roseus) from Madagascar to Indonesia. Like most members of the family, it is poisonous, but is an attractive and undemanding plant that flowers from June to October. It is a pity that it is so little grown in the household nowadays. One of the reasons, perhaps, is that growers erroneously believed it to be an annual and dis carded specimens that had finished flowering. The pink flowers, 25-35 mm (l-l0.5 in) across, with a velvety, carmine-red centre, are very decorative.

In summer, it is best to transfer the plant to a partially shaded position in the garden. At higher temperatures it should be watered liberally; at lower temperatures watering should be limited. Overwinter the plant at a temperature of about 15°C (59° F) and provide it with sufficient light. Prune early in spring and it will rapidly make new growth. Propagate by cuttings at a temperature above 20° C (68° F).

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