Vitis Grape Vine

The grape vine belongs here, its name being Vitis vinifera, and a few varieties are worth planting for ornament. Particularly recommended are Brandt, with blackish-purple fruits and leaves which turn crimson before they fall in the autumn, and purpurea, similar in fruit and with leaves that are purple throughout the summer Both are vigorous climbers clinging by tendrils and capable of covering a fairly large house front, but the tips of the shoots can be pinched out at any time in summer and all the year’s growth can be cut to within 1 in. or so of the main stems in winter if it needs to be restricted. Vines succeed best in warm sunny places and fertile, neutral or alkaline soils.

Even more rampant in growth is Vitis coignetiae which is grown solely for its very large rounded leaves which colour brilliantly in the autumn. This is a handsome climber to run up into an old tree or to cover an outhouse or large wall. Treatment is the same as for the varieties of grape vine.

Vitis vinifera

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