Vitis- Vine

Vines will grow even in colder climates. Make sure that you buy a strong strain.


Very beautiful over a pergola, protecting a seating area; also suitable for a south-facing wall. Provide a sunny, sheltered position and in mid winter prune to a number of main shoots.


Deeply drained if possible.


By layering or from eye cuttings.

Vitis coignetiae, crimson glory vine: Height 2 m; 3 to 5-lobed leaves, 10-20 cm across, very fine autumn colouring. Does not bear grapes.

Vitis vimfera, grape vine: Height to 10 m; produces up to 7 m long tendrils every year; pale-green foliage. A strong form suitable for temperate climates is ‘Witte van der Laan, but for wine making ‘Muller Thiirgau’ is recommended. ‘Rembrandt’ is a particularly good black form, but unfortunately the grapes are very small.

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