A very wide range of climbers and shrubs is available for growing on walls. South walls are best as they receive the most sunshine, but even north-facing walls will tolerate several attractive plants — see SHRUBS and TREES.

Always plant at least 6 in. away from a wall as this ensures that the roots obtain more moisture. Dryness alongside walls can be a real problem and during hot summer weather mulching with damp peat etc. will be helpful. If necessary, water generously once a week. Soil preparation, planting and pruning are the same as for climbers and shrubs grown in the open garden. The few self-clinging climbers like ivy and Hydrangea petiolaris may need loose shoots tied to the wall during the first year or two. Once established, they require no support. Pyra-canthas and Cotojieaster horizontalis are usually eventually, stiff enough to stand unsupported. Other plants will need some form of artificial support and the best method is to strain strands of galvanised wire horizontally on to special metal pins.

Plants suitable for walls include: CeanothusChimonanthus praecox — clematis — Jasminum nudijiorum Jasminum officinale Lapageria rosea — lonicera (honeysuckle) — pyracantha — Ribes speciosum Trachelospermum jasminoides (for a west wall in mild districts) — wisteria. See also ROSE.

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