The water garden can be a modest affair or an elaborate accessory to the sunk garden. Use of overflow water can obviate running a special supply by laying a pipe from collecting runways made below the gutters of house, greenhouse or garage. Concrete the pool area, and provide near the surface a drainage pipe to carry off superfluous water into a soak-away well below the ground some distance beyond, preferably where there is a slope. The edges can be laid Cotswold fashion for at least 18 in. with loose flat stones well packed with ash or earth, in which latter carpet plants can be grown. Water lilies — Nymphaea — are effective and such aquatics as Nuphar advene and Stratiotes abides, as well as Typha latifolia (mace reed), Hottonia palustris and various other moisture-loving subjects. If the water is shallow, Aponogeton distachyon (winter hawthorn) looks well. See also BOG PLANTS.

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