An arrangement of wedding flowers in an urn is made in the following way: Fill the urn with chicken wire so that it comes well over the top, push in a cone, and half fill both the urn and the cone with water .

Make an oudine with some of the material, letting some fall over the front of the urn .

Still keeping within the original oudine, fill in with more material; at this stage stand back to see where the gaps are; continue filling in until the vase is finished; then top up both the urn and the cone with water .

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I love arranging flowers in jugs, especially in country churches. There are many attractive varieties, from plain earthenware to coloured pottery and copper and brass. The jug by Michael Leach in colour plate 2 is a particular favourite of mine. He calls it black, but I call it dark brown! Remember when using a jug for flowers that it is itself important; therefore the handle must not be hidden and the flowers must be in proportion to the height. When I am using this jug I need very little chicken wire as the flowers are able to reach right down to the bottom and quickly form a good foundation. In the arrangement shown the lilies made a good background shape and stood up well against the light, and the hellebores were excellent as I wanted something to fall well over the edge. Weeping willow also makes lovely flowing shapes. It lasts admirably if well conditioned in hot water. A few stems of white spray chrysanthemum were added to give a ‘face’ to the arrangement.

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Many people are terrified of arranging wedding flowers on pedestals. There is no reason for this provided that the mechanics are firm and reliable. As explained earlier, the pedestal container must be wide-topped and deep enough to hold heavy branches. When you have the chicken wire firmly embedded in the container, pull it over the pedestal top. Then take two pieces of strong string, thread one piece dirough the chicken wire so that the string crosses the centre of the container and is carried underneath the pedestal top and tied; thread and tie the second piece of string in the same way, but at right-angles to the first piece. This will ensure that the container will not topple when filled with heavy branches. The stripped lime sweeps up left and right and the blossom flows well forward. The outline is light and ‘airy’, but the lilies and gerberas give a good central focal point, so that the arrangement was seen at a distance. Pedestal arrangements must include some material of a substantial kind as well as light and flowing branches.


The method of using them is as follows:

Fill each tier of the construction with Oasis .

To give added support to the material make a cage of chicken wire to surround the tiers .

Put in material to obtain an outline and then continue until the arrangement is complete. The completed construction is shown in colour plate 2.

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