Weigela: Growing Guide

Deciduous shrubs, flowering profusely in summer.


An ornament to any garden, but only when it is in flower.


Improved, nutritious garden soil.


From summer or winter cuttings.

Weigela florida: Height to 2 m; pink flowers, paler inside, in late spring to mid summer. Yellow-brown twigs with two longitudinal streaks. ‘Nana Variegata’, height to 50 cm, has yellow-edged foliage: ‘Purpurea’, height to 80 cm, brown foliage and dark-pink flowers. Weigela hybrids: Height to 1.5 m. This is the best known group, with flowering season from late spring to mid summer, flowers in a variety of colours. Red are ‘Bristol Ruby’, ‘Eva Supreme’ and ‘Newport Red’. Rose red are ‘Abel Carriere’, ‘Ballet’, ‘Boskoop Glory’, Conquete’, ‘Feerie’ and ‘Rosabella’. ‘Candida’ is white.

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