These are interesting plants, pretty and free flowering, requiring full sunshine. They are remarkable for the very large root tubers they produce, which resemble the tubers of dahlias.

Wilcoxia Poselgeri. Southern Texas and Mexico. Areoles very close together, very small and woolly, the radial spines are whitish or greyish, slender and hair-like, with 1 central spine. Flowers last in bloom for 4 to 5 days, and are pink, with reddish scales as well as bristles, and whitish hairs on the ovary and tube; the inner petals are narrower and darker pink.

Wilcoxia Schmollii. Mexico. Has 8 to 10 ribs, entirely hidden under a mass of whitish or greyish hairs, silky and spreading. The flowers are purplish-red or violet-red. A very desirable plant.

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