Wild Lily: L. alexandrae Wallace 1893

Named Uke-Yuri in Japan, where it is confined to the valleys and fields of one or two small islands lying south of the Ryukyu Islands.

The Japanese botanist Moto’o Shimizu corrected the error in Woodcock and Steam’s Lilies of the World, where L. alexandrae is wrongly described as L. nohilissitnum. The large, very fragrant, pure-white and occasional pale-pink blooms are borne horizontally, or slightly erect, on stems about 3 feet long. Stigma and pollen are purple-brown, the flowering period extends from May to July.

Seeds germinate within 6-12 months, provided the soil temperature is 68 DEG F (20 deg C). This exceptionally beautiful lily can only be grown in the greenhouse in Europe; it is very susceptible to virus (NALS-LYB 1952, Moto’o Shimizu).. Crossed withL. japonicum, like pink Easter lilies.

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