Wild Lily: L. armenum (Mishch.) Mandenova

P. L. Mishchcnko previously classified this lily as a variety of L. szovitsianum Fisch. and Lall., var. armenum Mishch.

A Caucasian lily from the Dirachichag, Kirovokan and Goktscha sea region growing at elevations of 6,000-6,500 feet in light woodland among long grass and on shaded, north-facing sites. The outside scales of the broadly ovoid bulb, which measures about 3×4 inches, are

golden-yellow; so are the 10-12 bell-shaped blooms supported on the stem, about 6 feet 6 inches high. The stem is densely leaved, the flower segments are strongly marked along the keel with either dark-purple spots or papillae, the anthers are deep-yellow, the pollen dark-yellow or rust-red. During the June flowering period the blooms exude a strong, unpleasant smell, (RIIS-LYB 1966, V. Eremin)

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