Wild Lily: L. bakerianum Collett and Hemsley 1890

Discovered in 1888 in upper Burma by the English botanist, John G. Baker, who was an enthusiast of lilies and devoted much of his time and writing to their popularization. It is widely distributed, and consequently variable; in fact, five different forms have been described. It is

not winter-hardy in Europe, and is best grown in a cool greenhouse. Comparatively rare, spectacularly coloured, and found up to 4,000-12,000 feet above sea lcavel in the eastern Himalayas of western China. One typical form is pendulous, with up to eight bell-shaped, pleasantly scented, greenish blooms with red-brown, speckled throat. Plant height 12-39 inches.

Other forms have white, pink, yellow or light-green, bell-shaped flowers with chestnut-brown to purple to carmine-lined throats.

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