Wild Lily: L. bohnderi S. Watson 1887

A lily 1-3 feet tall, with bell-shaped flowers, from the 3,000-6,000 feet-high Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon and northern California. The greenish-yellow bulb has loosely jointed scales; blue-green oblanceolate to lanceolate leaves arranged in three to six whorls clothe the stem. Up to nine delicate, silk-textured flowers from brick to wine-red on the outside and fine, red-spotted, pale-crimson on the inside, are arranged in a racemose inflorescence.

July-flowering, L. bohnderi grows in stiff loam in its natural habitat, on rocks and stony ground; it receives 50-70 inches of rain each year, most of it during the spring, and also survives the dry autumns of the region as well as winter snows. As it belongs to the western American land-type, it must receive the best possible drainage, and must always be provided with a damp subsoil, which under some circumstances may necessitate subterranean irrigation. It flowers within four years if raised from seed; hybridizes with L. pardalinum. (RHS-LYB 1951-52)

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