Wild Lily: L. callosum Siebold and Zuccarini 1839

China (Hupeh), Manchuria, Japan (1sland of Kyushu and Tsushima), Formosa. A delicate lily, 1-3 feet tall,July/August-flowcring, bearing up

to nine little Turk’s Cap flowers on slender pedicels that end in a narrow funnel. The black-spotted flowers are an unusual tone of brick-red. The leaves are thicker at the tip, and the plant derives its name from this characteristic (caJlosinn means thick-skinned). Suitable for rockeries, quick-germinating, and easily multiplied from seed. R. W. Lighty reports the existence of unknown, large-flowered types in Korea.

L. callosum var.flavijlorum grows on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

Crosses with L. concolor — Evening Star (Skinner), L. callosum var. flaviflorum x L. concolor var. coridion = Sngekime (Myodo)io63.

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