Wild Lily: L. caucasicum A. Grosshcim (L. martagon ssp. caucasicum Mishch.)

Caucasus, north-eastern coast of the Black Sea in Abkhaz and at Tuapse, in oak and beech woods, among bracken and in meadows at heights of 1,000-1,500 feet.

Short, broad-oval bulb, yellow scales, 1 ½ -2 inches, rather strong stem furnished with hairs, 2 feet 6 inches-5 feet high (reaches 7-8 feet in cultivation), stem-rooting, leaves mostly in two whorls, smaller, hairy leaves scattered along upper part of stem. Broad, wide-open, but short, funnel-shaped flowers, petals I£-1£ inches long, lilac-pink. Buds covered with glandular hairs. Dark-purple anthers, brick-red pollen. Flowers between the end of June and July. Seed ripens during mid-September, germinates slowly. Likes sunlight and calcareous soils.

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