Wild Lily: L. cernuum Komarov 1901

A small, pretty lily with nodding, fragrant Turk’s Cap flowers of unusual lilac-pink, lightly spotted with carmine. Native of Korea, Manchuria, and the Russian region of Ussurysk (Vladivostok).

The comparatively large, white bulb consists of only a few thick scales. Stem 1 foot-2 feet 6 inches high; bears small grass-like leaves and carries up to eight sweet-scented blooms-1n cultivation even more. The pollen is orange in colour. Wild forms colonize on sandy loams, alluvial soils, and stony ground, and among grass and woody undergrowth, usually in full sunlight or light shade. It is not very long-living, but a succession for garden use is quickly built up if raised from its easily propagated seed. Quick-germinating and stem-rooting. The whitc-flowcring L. cemuutn var. candidum comes from the Diamond Mountain area of Korea. Professor C. F. Patterson recently bred some strong, pastel-coloured hybrids from L. cemuuin and L. davidii crosses.

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