Wild Lily: L.georgicum J. Mandenova 1942 (L. politician C. Koch)

Caucasus, Georgia, north of Tbilisi by Gudermes military road, in the long grass of mountain meadows up to a height of 7,000-8,000 feet.

L. georgicum is perhaps identical with L. politician – the bulbs are broad-oval with pale-cream scales, the narrow stem grows about 2 feet 6 inches high, lanceolate leaves heavily marked with stiff: hairs along leaf veins and margins, four to seven deep-yellow flowers with decp-orange anthers. The flower is shaped like a campanulate, and the petals, 2-2 ½ -inches long, are purple at the base and mottled along the centre rib with the same colour. Sharp, unpleasant odour.

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