Wild Lily: L. kelleyanwn Lemmon 1903 (L.fresnense Eastwood)

The existence and distribution area of this variety was established by Lawrence Beane in 1952; it belongs to the peirdalinum group and was at one time known as L.fresnense. Up to 70 fragrant flowers 6 feet 6 inches tall in pyramid-shaped inflorescence. Blooms, Martagon type, nodding, cadmium-yellow, light purple spotted, flushed in green towards the inner half. The perianth segments are completely recurved, and give the appearance of a crown; flowers from June to mid-August.

The rhizomatous bulb has many small, jointed scales. L. kelleycimttn is a bog type found up to 9,000 feet above sea level from Oregon southwards to Tulare County, Kings River and Fresno County, California.

Hybridizes with L. parvnni in nature, (NALS-LYB 1952)

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