Wild Lily: L. kelloggii Purdy 1901

A very fragrant and smaller version of L. albescens, which it closely resembles. It ranges from the north-western Californian redwood belt to southern Oregon. Small, 2-4 inch bulbs; stem 18 inches-4 feet tall (sometimes as much as 8 feet), with pale-green leaves arranged in four to eight whorls. Up to 30 nodding, Turk’s Cap blooms with strongly reflexed petals form a pyramid around the stem. As the flowers age, the frne, ivory-white, pink-tipped petals turn completely pink, and later to magenta-red with brown to wine-red speckles. Characteristic is a lemon-yellow median band on every petal. Slow germination, land type, flowers during July, needs best possible drainage with ground shade.

Hybrids have been obtained with L. parry7 and L. martagon (Kelmarsh, Wyatt). (NALS-LYB 1952)

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