Wild Lily: L. kesselringianum Mishchcnko 1914

Western Transcaucasia: Sukhumi and Batum, 5,000 feet. It differs from the similar L. inonadelpliuni in several easily recognized respects: it only grows 2-4 feet tall; has paler, straw-coloured, cinnamon-spotted, less-

reflexed and smaller flower petals; shorter and separated stamens. Eight to 10 cinnamon-spotted flowers, loose raceme inflorescence, scent can be unpleasant, brown anthers, seed capsules 1 ½ -2 inches, slow germination (Saliwski). Bulbs rather large.

Named after W. Kessclring, who before the 1914-18 war was proprietor of the well-known Russian Regel and Kcssclring nurseries. (NALS-LYB 1965)

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