Wild Lily: L. kosa (L. cossii) Orekhovs and Eremin 1957

A vigorous and thriving lily which was discovered by Yuri Kos in northern Caucasia as recently as 1957. The broad, ovoid, large bulb 5 ½ -7 inches and often weighing up to 4 ½ pounds) has numerous small, pink-yellow scales. Closely set leaves 4 ½ inches long and 1 inch wide, linear lanceolate, alternately but closely spaced on the 5-6 feet high stem. Between two and five, sometimes up to seven, flowers, trumpet to bell-shaped, outward-facing, bloom during the second half of June, pale-yellow and flushed with pink in nature. Small, cinnamon-red spots mark the centre of each segment. Shiny, yellow anthers, rust-yellow pollen, scent like Hesperis, seed ripens late August, (RHS-LYB 1966)

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