Wild Lily: L. mackliniae Sealy 1949

Captain Kingdon Ward first found this plant in 1946 in Burma when searching for missing aircraft. Earlier classed as Nomocharis, it was actually found on Sirhoi peak, near Ukhrul, at an altitude of 7,500-8,000

feet. Bulbs cream-white, 1-2 inches in diameter; stem usually about 16 inches long, but can be as much as 3 feet. Mostly one to two flowers, certainly never more than seven per stem, pendant, bell-shaped, wide-open, white suffused with pink, 2 inches in diameter. Flowers June/July.

Reports from Oregon and England confirm that this plant grows well in open gardens provided it is given acid soil, good drainage and semi-shade. Multiplication by scales or by rapid-germinating seed.

(NALS-LYB 1958; RHS-LYB IO46, IO49, 1957, 1966)

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