Wild Lily: L. nobilissiimini T. Makino 1914

Like L. alexaudrae, with which it has for long been confused, it comes from only one of the Japanese Ryukyu Islands, namely Kuchi-n0-shima; it grows on only the steepest cliffs, and can only be reached by mountaineers. Known locally as Tamoto Yuri.

The stem is 20-24 inches high, and of particularly erect growing habit. It carries one to three erect, umbellatcly disposed flowers, funnel-shaped, 4-4- ½ inches long, pure-white inside, suffused with green on the outside, and strongly scented. The pollen is yellow, the stigma is of a light colour; the plant flowers during June/July, seeds germinate within 30-40 days, (RHS-LYB 1950, NALS-LYB 1952)

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