Wild Lily: L. ocellatum (Kell.) Bcane 1955, ssp. ocellatum – ssp. blooiiieriaiinni

A native from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Both lilies were previously known by the names of L. humboldtii and L. bloomerianum, and belong to the land type, with jointed bulb-scales. The cadmium-orange, red-tipped, spherical, reflexed segments are marked with dark spots surrounded by a crimson halo; soft-green leaves arranged in more or less regular whorls. Typicuni ocellatum is always stem-rooting; ocellatum grows to 4-6 feet and produces 30 or more flowers if situated in a favourable position; ssp. bloonicvicwuin grows only 2-3 feet tall, with few flowers, favours dry, mountainous regions, and is not a stem-rooter. (RHS-LYB 1957)

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