Wild Lily: L. philadclpliiemn Linnaeus 1762

Named by Linnaeus, this lily grows throughout a vast area – from the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains to where the rivers Ohio and Mississippi join. Ovoid bulb on short stolons, lanceolate leaves, usually arranged in whorls around the stem, 1 foot 6 inches-3 feet long. One to five wide-open, erect, saucer-shaped flowers of bright orange-scarlet, turning orange towards the centre and mostly heavily speckled in brown. The claw-shaped segments are small, and resemble L. catcsbaei. Mrs J. Norman Henry collected a great number of colour variants, ranging from pale lemon-yellow to orange and many shades of red and light-brown – both spotted and unspotted. Germinates slowly, requires sandy, free-draining loam enriched with leaf-mould and peat. Protection from winter rain and snow is essential.

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