Wild Lily: L. pitkinense Beane and Vollmer 1955

One of the pardalinuin group; first discovered in 1952 and seemingly confined in nature to only one situation, the Pitkin Marsh in Sonoma County, California, where unfortunately it often falls victim to the grazing animals which roam the marshes of the region. Can grow as high as 6 feet from a stoloniferous rhizome, and resembles L. pardalinum. The July-flowering Turk’s Cap blooms are refiexcd, bright-vermilion to scarlet with yellow centres; slow germination.

Eric Mayell crossed this lily with L. kelloggii, and obtained delicate mauve-tinted, vigorous hybrids (Monterey hybrids). Hybrids with shiny vermilion to scarlet blooms were the result of a cross between L. x burbankii and L. pitkinense; they have rhizomes of such size and strength that they can only be parted with an axe! (NALS-LYB 1955, Vollmer;

RHS-LYB 1966; RHS-LYB 1957; NALS-LYB 1960, Mayell)

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