Wild Lily: L. polyphylltiin D. Don 1840

Comes from the Himalayas, where it grows at heights of 6,000-12,000 feet from Afghanistan to Kashmir and as far as Kumaon.

The long, small, white bulbs are deep-rooting, and grow at a depth of 1-2 feet below ground level. The stem mostly reaches a height of 16 inches-4 feet, occasionally even up to 8 feet, has linear or small lanceolate leaves and usually one to 10 blooms, but on occasions up to 40. The drooping flowers are bell-shaped, the lower halves of the petals are strongly reflexcd, greenish-yellow within the funnel, cream on the outside, prettily spotted with lilac. The pollen is orange-red, germination is slow. A very difficult subject in cultivation which needs to be planted deeply, in half-shade, and protected from the wind; it must not be put in a south-facing position or be transplanted – in order to avoid damage to the long root system. Rapid germination, (RHS-LYB 1954)

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