Wild Lily: L. pumilum De Candolle 1812

This lovely and graceful lily, previously known as L. tenuifolium, is distributed over a wide area comprising northern Korea, Manchuria, eastern Siberia, Mongolia and northern China. Small, white, conical bulbs. Stem up to 18 inches high with numerous, grass-like, small leaves and one to 20 shiny red, nodding Turk’s Cap blooms occasionally with lightly black-spotted throat. Scarlet pollen, flowers during June.

Tolerates calcareous soils provided they are free-draining, likes full sun, is stem-rooting and should not be planted deeper than 4 inches; requires protection from rain. Should be propagated continuously from its rapid-germinating seeds, as plants in cultivation are short-lived. Highly suitable for use as cut flowers. Crossed with L. martagon var. album (Golden Gleam), L. concolor, L. bulbiferum var. croceum, L. dauricum, L. philadelphicum, L. callosum, L. cernuum, andL. amabile. (NALS-LYB 1968)

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