Wild Lily: L. szovitsianum Fisch. and Lall. 1840

Found in woods, wood clearings and margins, and on the rocky slopes in the subalpine zones of western and southern Transcaucasia, as well as on the south shore of the Black Sea from Batum to Trabzon at heights of 2,000-5,000 feet.

Equally as beautiful as the similar L. ntonadelplmm. Small-scaled, large bulbs 2-4- ½ inches. Two to eight flowers, sometimes as many as 20, on stems 3 feet 3 inches-5 feet long, lanceolate leaves.

The strongly scented, Martagon-type flowers of 2 ½ -3 inches diameter have recurved, light-yellow segments, brown pollen. Flourishes in cultivation, but, like L. monadelphum, requires heavy soil, and being a stem-rooter should only be transplanted during the autumn. Autumn-sown seeds germinate during the following spring, and should be left in the seedbed for up to two to three years before being transplanted to their permanent quarters – preferably during the autumn. Free-draining loam and a planting depth of 4-6 inches suits them well. Covering with either leaves or wood shavings is recommended in winter.

Crossed with L. maculatwn hybrids (Mitchurin 1914, Orckhov 1960). (RHS-LYB 1964, 1966, Eremin, Saliwski)

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