Wild Lily: L. vollmeri Eastwood 1948 (L. roezlii Purely)

Occurs in Del Norte County, California, and Josephine County, Oregon. A s0-called bog lily, with yellow, horizontal-creeping rhizomes covered with yellow-jointed scales, found in wet but nevertheless well-drained soils. Pale-green leaves, either scattered or in whorls, clothe the stem, 2 feet 6 inches-3 feet long, bearing one to three (and occasionally more) long-petioled flowers. They are orange, marked with dark-red to almost black flecks on the inside, of Turk’s Cap type and with reflexed petals. Named after Dr Albert Michael Vollmer of San Francisco, who not only wrote about the Pacific coast lilies but also made numerous excursions in search of them. Damp, free-draining soil is necessary for successful cultivation.

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