Wild Lily: L. wilsonii Leichtlin 1868

The first bulb of this lily arrived in a consignment of Golden-Rayed Lilies from Japan; its origin – if it is even a genuine variety – is often disputed.

The bulb is white and spherical. The stem is 3 feet long, and bears scattered, lanceolate leaves and erect, saucer-shaped blooms 5 inches in diameter. The August-flowering, recurved, heavily brown-spotted segments are small at the base and red-orangc with an apricot band along their centre. Best planted 4-6 inches deep in sunny or partially shaded positions.

L. wilsonii var. flavuni carries six to 10 primrose-yellow, red-purplc speckled flowers on a stem 2 fect-2 feet 6 inches long. Brought into commerce under the name Marlyn Ross, (RHS-LYB 1962)

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