Less seen in urban districts since the vogue of great blocks of flats in closely-populated districts. The chief point to remember are: treat the inside with a wood preservative, not creosote; the box should be not less than 6 in. wide and 8 in. deep; have drainage holes and drainage crocks at bottom; use a friable soil on the rich side; pay attention to watering without overdoing it; select plants which are not gross growers; and use fresh supply of soil or compost every season. It is not much trouble to sterilise the soil and the benefit is great; how to do this is described under SEED. John Innes Potting Compost is an ideal growing medium. Remember that it is poor work to block ventilation to any room by overcrowding the window-box with tall specimens. Suitable plants include verbena, dianthus, sweetness, sweet wivelsfield, pansies, polyanthus, Brompton stocks, cheiranthus, fuchsias, petunias, pentstemons, salvias and many others.

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