Wisteria: Growing Guide

Deciduous shrub with particularly beautiful flowers -when it does flower!


Wall climber for a sunny situation, also attractive growing over a pergola or a bridge. Unscrupulous growers sometimes propagate it from the seed or from cuttings of inferior clones; such plants will not flower or else flower very late. Make sure that you obtain one of the strains mentioned below.


Preferably calcareous loam or clay; will also thrive in manured sandy soil.


By layering or by grafting.

Wisteria floribunda: Height to 10 m; violet flowers in elongated, loose clusters late spring to mid summer. The shoots wind in a right-hand direction. ‘Issai’ and ‘Issai Perfect’ are good strains.

Wisteria sinensis: Like the previous species, but the shoots wind in a left-hand direction. Good strains are ‘Prolific’ and the ‘Boskoop type’.

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