X Fatshedera 7°C/45°F; Garden Origin

Attractive five-lobed green leaves are borne on erect stems that become woody with age – provision of a stake to support the plant is essential. There seems to be no limit to the amount of growth that a single stem will put on as you will frequently see them climbing and wandering along staircases and balconies with leading growth tied in to point them in the right direction. Reasonably easy to care for in cool, lightly shaded conditions. The plant is an interesting man-made cross between Fatsia (Aralia) japo-nica and Hcdera helix, the green ivy. Grow in a rich loam-based mixture, potting on annually in March. New plants come from taking cuttings in July or August of either the top section of the plant or from single leaves with a piece of stem attached.

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