4 deg C/37 deg F

A bigeneric hybrid, x Fatshedera lizei was obtained by crossing an ivy. Hedera helix ‘Hibernica’, with Fatsia japonica ‘Moseri’. The resultant plant has both characteristics, and it can be trained as a climber or, if the shoots are cut back. given a more bushy habit. The leaves are shiny and palmate with live lobes. The plant is of quite exotic appearance. yet is excellent for cool, even cold. rooms. There is a variegated form. ‘Variegata’. with cream markings which is especially attractive. The plants are also useful for fairly shaded positions, and bright places exposed to direct sunlight must be strictly avoided since the plants readily wilt in such circumstances. Greenish panicles of flowers may appear during late autumn on well-grown specimens, and when they are a few years old. Fatshederas have few problems, but the variegated form will enjoy a few degrees higher temperature than the recommended minimum.

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