Yucca- Adam’s Needle, Spanish Bayonet

Evergreen shrub, often classified among hardy perennials; not entirely winter-hardy.


A fine specimen plant in the lawn, in an angle of the border etc. Will take a few years to flower and must be covered in winter. Likes full sun and a sheltered situation.


Nutritious, porous soil, if possible containing a certain amount of lime.


Old plants develop side-shoots which may be removed in spring.

Yucca filamentosa: Resembles the following species, but has thread-like filaments attached to the leaves. Yucca flaccida: Height 70 cm; an enormous cluster of creamy white, bell-shaped flowers from mid summer to early autumn; the whole plant will reach to 2 m. The grey-green, sword-shaped leaves are arranged in a rosette on a very short trunk.

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