ZEBRA PLANT – Aphelandra squarrosa


zebra plant

A very showy plant. The Zebra Plant has wide, pointed leaves of a glossy green strongly veined in cream. It is valued for its striking foliage, but also bears a spike of bright yellow flowers.


  • Growing season    18-22 C (64-72 F)
  • Minimum winter    18 C    (64 F)

Soil: A soil-less compost kept moist and springy with soft lime-free water.

Where it likes to be: In a bright window protected from strong sunlight, draughts and wide temperature changes.

What it likes to drink: Lukewarm water. Keep the soil moist and springy to thumb pressure, but never allow it to dry out. Provide humidity. Spray daily with a fine mist during dry weather; stop spraying during rest period.

Making it sensational: It can be temperamental. Always follow the seasonal routine, and protect from draughts and fumes. Feed occasionally—about once a month—when flowering. Cut off flower stem when bloom fades. Re-pot in spring if necessary. Giving it a rest: The plant rests for about six weeks after the flower fades. Reduce watering, stop spraying and feeding until signs of re-growth are seen.

When it looks sick:

  • Leaves curl and distort : Mist-spray daily and increase humidity.
  • Leaves drop : Caused by over or under-watering. Water regularly to maintain a good soil condition. Sporadic watering, excessive feeding and temperature fluctuation can also result in leaf loss.
  • A tall, spindly, ungainly plant : Give the plant more light but not direct sunlight. Pinch out the tips in order to encourage lusty growth.

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