Zinnia: Growing Guide

Annuals in which the petals overlap like roof tiles.


Suitable for annual borders, also for bedding; and often sold as bedding plants. Provide full sun and a sheltered position.


Warm, well-manured soil.


Sow early in mid spring in a cold frame.

Prick out, harden off and plant outside in late spring, 20- 50 cm apart.

Zinnia angustifolia: Height 30-40 cm; flowering season mid summer to mid autumn; flowers mainly in shades of brown and yellow. ‘Persian Carpet’ is a well known dwarf hybrid.

Zinnia elegans: Height 20-100 cm; flowering season mid summer to mid autumn. There are various flower shapes such as ‘Pompon’, ‘Scabiosa-flowered’, ‘Cactus Giants’ etc, the colours varying from white to yellow, red and violet, with all shades in between. The low strains are used as bedding plants, the taller forms for cutting.

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